WhatsApp platform fined $3.3million over data sharing terms on Facebook in Italy

WhatsApp applications plan to share its phone numbers of the user with the Facebook platform, the first time the messaging application has granted a couple of services to connect the data since with the facebook platform and therefore the Facebook bought it two years before.

The new privacy policy of the messaging app was published in the middle of the week, gives it permission to connect with the Facebook accounts to the WhatsApp service accounts for the 1st time. This will give the Facebook service more data about the people who are using the service, allowing the social network to refer the phone contacts as a friend, but may trace the privacy concerns.

While the contents of the WhatsApp services messages such as the words and the pictures are end-to-end encrypted, meaning that the application cannot read them, it does have data which including the mobile phone numbers and his information about phones of the users and the operating systems.

The new private policy is likely to be the largest test of the WhatsApp’s service promise to protect the privacy of the users since it was bought by the Mobile app development company in Facebook platform for 19 billion dollars (£14 billion) in the year 2014.

To date, the four-year-old privacy policy of the messaging application has prevented it from connecting the accounts of the users and when it was sold, WhatsApp application founder Mr. Jan Koum pledged it would “remain the autonomous and it operates independently” and declaim claims that becoming part of the Facebook service and would compromise privacy of the service.

WhatsApp application said that the new policy also gives back the features of the application which brought in since the terms were last updated which including its WhatsApp application web service, calls and also the end-to-end encryption.

What information is being shared with the Facebook platform?

Therefore the updated WhatsApp application of the Frequently Asked Question page says that the mobile phone number you used to sign up for the WhatsApp application with will be shared with someone, as well as the last time that you used the service.

Therefore the users are happy about the latest updates of encryption method in the platform and they are saying Thanks to the end-to-end encryption, the Facebook application will not be able to see your original text messages, images or other media like audio, video and so on that, you share on the app. Only you and the person whom you send the normal messages and the media attachment to will ever nobody are able to see that information. And any information that is shared by the WhatsApp application will not be publicly visible to anyone who is using the Facebook application. Meaning, if the WhatsApp app shares your mobile phone number with the Facebook, it won't fill in the mobile phone number field on your profile and make it visible to anyone on the platform.

WhatsApp fined €3m over Facebook platform:

Given the measure of which the European Union member-states and the soon-to-be to destroyed the affections of the United Kingdom have followed WhatsApp application on the grounds of the data sharing without agreement, one might think as well that the Facebook-owned firm might as well give up the ghost of the service.

In a governing on the end of the week, the Italian contest watchdog said that the WhatsApp application had led its people who use the application service to rely on they would not be able to begin again with the service unless they assent with another to give their personal information to the Facebook platform. The regulator launched a thorough check into the problem last year. It said that an excessive emphasis had been put on the want to agree to latest terms and the conditions of the services, which included a concession to share the data with the Facebook platform as part of an in-app upgrade. The penalty was lower than the maximum €5m fine that could have been imposing against the WhatsApp service. WhatsApp platform said it would do again to Casperon with the work with the power.

The government says that they are inspecting the decision, and we look forward to acting in answer to the officials. The resolution reached by the Italian regulator pursue the example which is set by the German authorities, which outlawed Facebook platform from collecting the information on its 35m WhatsApp application people who use the WhatsApp service in the country after it was established to have violated law data protection laws. The US firm was also told to delete all the data that had been taken from the messaging platform. Facebook Company said it would demand against both decisions. There is also a deep investigation by the European Commission into an agreement which is made by the Facebook application after it paid 19bn dollar to earn the messaging service in the year of 2014.

European regulators charged the Facebook Company with making erroneous claims during the regulatory authorization process when it was a dispute that the user information could not be naturally shared between the two user’s bases. The social network then began linking the WhatsApp application numbers with the Facebook profiles, which causes to happened complaints about the data privacy as well as the European investigation about the privacy. The commission of the service ruled out of changing its decision for to accept the joining, however. The Italian regulator also investigated what it considered to be the alleged prejudiced nature of some permissible clauses which included in the WhatsApp Messenger’s Terms of Use in it and as part of its investigation. Those included the right to switch off the service of the WhatsApp platform for any brief time period and for any reason without allowing the same right to the user, and that argument should be ruled by the law of the state of the California.

How to stop the Facebook platform from getting your WhatsApp app data:

From the above issue that the Italy fined for sharing of the data on the Facebook services. So for this, we have to be careful about your personal data which we have on the WhatsApp application. For now, there is an idea to opt out of the WhatsApp application and the information sharing in the Facebook platform, but you'll want to do it soon.

The 1st option to drop out is given when the WhatsApp platform asks the user to accept to its updated terms and conditions of it. Instead of selecting the Agree selected just click Read more about the key updates of the service to our Terms and Privacy Policy in the application.

In the app, there is a checkbox next to the Share my account info that mentions to the issue and the new information which are sharing between the WhatsApp application and the Facebook platform. Uncheck this box to eliminate the permission to do so.

If you have already agreed to the new terms without discharge this box you have one month to take back the permission. In the application go to Settings in the app then select the Account then Share my account info and therefore just uncheck the box.

WhatsApp application has not sent the new permissions request to its entire consumer yet. If you have not been asked to agree to the terms and the condition then you are recently not affected by the changes.